This is the work section. It's the stuff that we make to develop brand experiences and market them through plastic beer glasses, branded balloons and technicolor strobe lights. We come up with a lot of ideas for a lot of brands so if you've only got a few minutes to spare, here are many short films that show a selection of the recent work of which we're most proud. Imagine, clients pay us for this crap.

  • Following on from last year's award winning "tihslluB", this new spot used up every dollar of the client's budget (and our staff's Christmas bonuses). The brand went tits up, but hey, who cares? just look at our golden gongs.

  • We gave laptops and Twitter accounts to four homeless people and through them we gave a voice to the hordes of twentysomethings with a laissez-faire attitude towards grooming. Two weeks into the project, we call them our junior creative teams.

  • This mega-budget and lyrical soft-focus spot shows how we conceived a spectacular campaign with a mediocre idea. Our Oscar-winning director was chuffed to create navel-gazing artistry, in between takes of another art house film involving an androgynous slacker holding a ukelele in a cornfield.

  • This film was lovingly created by some fresh animation graduates. We promised them a full credit, an enhanced showreel and a packet of crisps. The V/O is performed by über-baddie Steven Jerkoff and whistling is by ECD Tom Shompson (who didn’t do much else actually).

  • Every time someone tweets #MM&MM, Kaichi Ouchi and friends will chop off one of their limbs. The performance demonstrates the new hands-free function of the iPhone6, and will garner a matching $1 donation for each tweet to the MM&MM Holiday Foundation. The social media meets self-mutilation campaign is a world's first.

  • Launched in 2012, on one level this online video tells the story of an underdog team as they prepare to overcome the tournament favourites, on another it’s a nauseating rip-off of an ’80s high school-teen film. Music is by Greenlandic Inuit Rappers 'sLut'.

  • For this spot we intentionally did not feature the product or brand proposition. In fact, the dailies were lying around on our hard drives for years waiting for an opportunity to be punctuated with a spinning logo. The debate that the ad has sparked continues to gain more traction than Susan Boyle in a shell suit.

  • Everything you see here is painstakingly handcrafted in miniature by a collective of Polish Pygmies, and then filmed using Czech stop-motion techniques and a lecherous priest. All this effort is just so we can boast that we didn’t use CG.

  • This spot features a hipster who was tragically trampled to death during a Belle & Sebastian show, and how a team from MIT tried to reanimate him using spare iPad parts. The said hipster is survived by a bullet-proof fedora and a garlicky body odour. The video is directed by Mike Rotch.

  • Launched via the world's biggest Skype Conference call, this video received over 22 million views in YouTube, 10 million likes and more interactive excitement than Justin Bieber’s 30-second romp. After almost two years we’ve yet to gauge ROI.

  • This television commercial, directed by Al Coholic, was the epicenter of a 360-degree campaign that celebrated Patrick Duffy’s 60th Birthday. We engaged a global audience via several content platforms, such as a lenticular stetson and a 1MB USB keyring-fridge magnet, to make the idea travel and annoy the shit out of everyone.