Party Info


The World's Biggest
Agency (for one
night only)
Wednesday June 20th
2012 (21:00 – 02:30)
Bâoli Beach Club
50 Boulevard de la
Croisette, Cannes

The World's Biggest Agency will have the world's biggest sound system. It'll be smash-down-the-walls-and-burst-your-ear-drums loud - just so we can annoy the hell out of those 80-year-old residents with rotisserie tans. We'll have multicoloured visuals and multisexual dancers of all shapes, sizes and media-savviness. And, of course, we'll have a bar, just in case there's Oirish guests.

If you do not have a special wristband on Wednesday 20th June at 20.00 - you will not get in. Sorry. (However, you can always buy some Euro Shopper beer with sea-salted crisps and stay in your cockroach-infested airco-WIFI-free hotel room.)

Please note: Due to popular demand, we have to follow a strict entrance policy to the MM&MM party (as much as we would love to invite all you lovely people). Admission is only with a special wristband. If you have had the pleasure of working with either MassiveMusic or MediaMonks in the past year you will receive an email invitation that will guide you through the process of registering for your exclusive ticket(s). If you don't hear anything and think that you deserve to be at this year's event, try your luck by dropping an e-mail to (no guarantee). Or hit the Career button and apply the old-fashioned way. We have reserved a number of tickets for the most absurd, animalistic and ambidextrous applicants.