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Senior Operational Fucking Amazing Managing Associate Executive Commercial Co-executive Principal Local Digital Head Group Chief Vice Online Multi- Global Regional Consultant
Relations Most Amazing Media Googling Fuckall Nonsense Project Head Director Brand Integrated Self-important Web Schmack-boobedy Noncreative Sexual Web Interface Fetish Lying
Magician Morris Dancer Dickhead Twat Powder Monkey Party Animal Gangsta Kahuna Ninja Whizzer DogsBody Handshaker Freeloader Unscrambler Partner Rug Hooker Superstar DJ Piss-Artist Bastard Clerk

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Here is a list of the current job openings for MM&MM, The World's Biggest Agency (for one night only). If you can multi-task (like hold a beer whilst grooving in liquid-pop-style) or can survive the Gutter Bar then this is the agency for you!

Executive Creative Director

The ideal candidate should be a worldly interesting person, honest and generous, especially with creative credits. If you can't engage in an intellectual discussion about universal enigmas that haunt man's existence (such as why men have nipples), or really think that 1970s retro images or woodblock letters are Pinteresting, then please do not apply.


We are seeking to appoint a 'Sicko' with enthusiasm, appropriate asocial qualifications and proven Neanderthal qualities to dominate and generally lower the tone of the launch party on June 20th 2012. Applicants should be able to wave their hands frantically in sync to an extremely loud and eclectic mix of dark-pop, cajun-disco and electro-rock.

Associate Creative Director

The candidate must ooze amazing dancing talent and charm! Although, you'll need to embrace the hot new thing - it's a hands-off role from the interns. You'll also have responsibility for ensuring all Powerpoint presentations are converted into Keynote. Dillydalliers and fans of Chris Martin can fuck off.

Group Account Director

The candidate must have an integrated background with strong experience in bribery, ass-licking and knocking back tequila. As MM&MM is a boutique agency, your role could involve untangling boxes of hangers. If this sounds like you and your ideal role, then don't hesitate to get in touch with us.

Global Tarzan Producer

We require a natural swinger to work in the social media jungle. Applicants must have solid experience with guerrilla marketing and a bald monkey fetish. The ability to mudcrab and ululate loudly in spandex loincloth is essential.

Digital Performance Manager

Working in a dynamic digital team, you will support the company's digital platform through proactive management of SPAM, the performance of the Swedish back-end developer and the battery-status of our smartphones. As Digital Performance Manager you will build, manage and initiate relationships with Homosapien 2.0, preferably with Twitterbaters from rival agencies.


We are seeking to appoint a dynamic and effective 'Secretary' with a balance of qualifications, experience and fake tan. He or she should demonstrate ability to function strongly within a team environment, and have fluency in spread-sheets and Bukkake 2.0. Experience in a cupcake bakery is a plus.

Analogue Creative

The candidate must be able to work across a variety of traditional formats such as print, puppet theatre and Morris dance. Getting high on the pungent smell of Magic Markers is a must. If you think a Hashtag is a game played by crack babies or that Pinning involves blood, then this is the job for you.

Digital Creative

The ideal candidate cannot use a pencil and must provide first class creative concepts for advertising, experiential and those wanky screens that you see in waiting rooms or buses. You'll possess inoffensive body odour, and probably believe that Facebook is a website owned by the CIA. Applicants must have solid knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS and BDSM.

Project Manager

The ideal candidate will need to demonstrate the ability to manage the most irritable of clients and several cantankerous creative teams. You'll also require a good understanding of the creative process, tolerance for our ECD's ear-wax; and possess excellent PDF-printing and PVC foamboard skills.


We require a highly skilled creative copywriter to join our team in Cannes. We need someone who's able to inject a touch of mischief into their hoopla for multiple formats A4, A3 and A2. The successful candidate will have a firm grasp of clichés and codswallop; and a remarkable penchant for homaging Churchillian speeches and changing the toner in the photocopier.

Creative Tea Lady

MM&MM will experience rapid growth and is looking for an experienced Creative Tea Lady to serve their award winning team on June 20th 2012. The preference would be for a freshly waxed hermaphrodite with a proven track record of dipping biscuits in tea and slicing lemons. Saving the world one soy latte at a time is a big plus.